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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Labour select Ian Murray to replace Nigel Griffiths MP as their candidate

Finally, Fred Mackintosh the Liberal Democrats champion for Edinburgh South has a Labour opponent.  In the capital there are many Labour seats under threat, two from the Liberal Democrats.  Edinburgh South and Edinburgh North & Leith.

In Edinburgh South the Liberal Democrats are only 405 votes behind Labour with the Conservatives in a distant third place nearly 4,000 votes behind Labour (despite their wild claims).

When Nigel Griffiths stood down there were many names in the hat to replace him but Labour have now selected Ian Murray a Councillor.

Although, Edinburgh South was not Ian Murray's first choice, so we have a career politician and wannabe serial candidate wanting to be the next MP for Edinburgh South.

Murray had in fact wanted to be the MP for Livingston only a matter of weeks ago;
"I am writing to you today as I have decided to put my name forward for the selection process in Livingston. I believe I have the experience, skills and dedication to run a highly successful campaign and to ensure a Labour victory in what will be a hotly contested election."
Labour Members in Livingston weren't interested in Murray and now he has become the candidate in his second choice seat of Edinburgh South.

So, another career politician, exactly what the House of Commons doesn't need, nor the voters of Edinburgh South who are looking for a local champion to stand alongside them and be their voice in Westminster.

Fred Mackintosh has certainly been the local champion for sometime now, standing with the people trying to save their Post Offices as Labour destroyed the post office network.

Fred Mackintosh has successfully campaigned to stop development on playing fields, is campaigning against more development on south Edinburgh's green belt and helped bring together the deal that has led to the construction of the Conan Doyle Medical Centre at Cameron Toll.

In 2008 he campaigned with Marchmont residents and businesses against Labour's decision to close Warrender Park Road Post Office. Despite well attended public meeting and a 3000 signature petition and hundreds of formal objection letters Royal Mail followed through on Labour's instructions and closed the post office.

As Newington Councillor Fred lead the push for more responsive street cleaning and recycling services as Convenor of the South Local Development Committee from 2003 to 2007. He helped protect the 24, 38, 42 bus routes and helped start the process that led to the creation of the 67 on Mayfield Road.

Fred Mackintosh brought together the parties to save Liberton Bank House as the new home for the Dunedin School.
If this small list above is what Fred Mackintosh can achieve with local residents as a Councillor and now parliamentary candidate, imagine what he could do as the MP?


LibCync said...

So the local Labour party were successful in their campaign to ward off an all-women shortlist then!

patrick said...

Thank you for the template! I love it!

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Anonymous said...

You are wrong about Ian Murray being a career politician! He has worked faithfully for my constituency for 7 years. And get your facts right! How could Edinburgh south have been his first choice when, at the time he stood for Livingston selection, nigel griffiths hadn't actually announced his retirement! So it wasn't a choice at all at the time!

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