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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Conservative election campaign is too complicated admit the Conservatives

It appears that the Conservatives own election campaign, including Oliver Letwin's policy pyramid has left many of their MPs and candidates confused.  Poor loves.

Over at The Times Online;
MPs and candidates were left baffled after being told at a private meeting to campaign on a combination of one slogan, three promises and six pledges.
To be perfectly honest I am astounded they managed to get this far, so Cameron's Conservatives are campaigning on one slogan, three promises and six pledges - but no policies?

Isn't that what Nick Clegg has been saying about the Conservatives for some time now?

In fact so confused are their candidates and MPs that two of the Conservative MPs after the meeting said about their party's policy;
that they would “make it up on the doorstep”
Given this announcement I wondered if any of their candidates had actually noticed there was indeed instructions from the high command, I mean, take John Lamont MSP in the Scottish Borders, he is quite obviously ignorning the wishes of David Cameron himself as he campaigns for one job in Westminster while already holding one in Holyrood.

It is hardly an inspriring thought is it, two jobs Lamont, when many people in the Scottish Borders don't have any job at all given the awful predicament they find themselves in during the recession.

The dual mandate aspect is a key issue in Scotland and MSPs from both Labour and the Conservatives, including John Lamont are just going ahead on their ego trips, ignoring the wishes of their leaders who claim they want to clean up politics but their candidates are ignoring them and instead are just thinking of themselves, typical Tories.
Senior officials inside Conservative headquarters said that the Campaign Guide, the detailed policy and attack manual for candidates, was unnecessarily complicated.
Unnecessarily complicated so much that candidates ignore it because they don't in fact understand it?

John Lamont has form for ignoring Conservative high command, take the photo below, taken at their Manchester Conference, when the great Eric Pickles said no one should be able to take photos of the Tories supping Champagne, but John 'Bubbles' Lamont ignored him then too.

Shadow ministers have admitted that if there was a Tory victory it would not come with the same enthusiasm that Tony Blair enjoyed.
So, the Conservatives are admitting that they have no policies, they won't be campaigning on them unless it fits into the pyramid puzzle, if they win it means that Cameron won but no-one else really did and they are not as popular as Blair was when he ousted the last Conservative Government!

Yes ladies and gentlement, it is time for change, real change with real people. So, vote for the Liberal Democrats a party putting fairness at the very heart of it's election campaign and policies.

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Anonymous said...

Vote for Michael Moore and consign this tiresome self serving individual to the scrap heap.

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