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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Charles Kennedy joins Eileen Baxendale on the Glasgow North East campaign trail

The Scottish Liberal Democrats candidate for the Glasgow North East by-election candidate, Eileen Baxendale has had a busy week with visits in Glasgow North East with Leader Tavish Scott, Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland Alistair Carmichael and yesterday former UK Leader, Charles Kennedy MP.

Eileen Baxendale hasn't taken a day off since she was selected to fight the seat made vacant over 120 days ago when Michael Martin stood down.
Former UK Liberal Democrats Leader, Charles Kennedy MP joined Eileen Baxendale on the campaign trail yesterday doing a walkabout on Alexandra Parade in Glasgow North East talking to shoppers and shopkeepers about the economy and listening to their comments and questions.

Eileen has been door knocking all over with teams of people in all weathers too, a bit like the European campaign the issue of MPs expenses is never far from some people's minds, especially the journalists. The main issues on the door steps however are more than that, paying bills, will I have a job after Christmas, how do I pay for Christmas, fuel bills are too expensive, why has Labour and the SNP ignored us for so long?

These aren't all of them in any way, it is just a flavour for those of you who haven't made it into Glasgow North East.

1 comment:

neil craig said...

"why has Labour and the SNP ignored us for so long"

So presumably unless she can say the Libdems have been more available than these 2 in Springburn over the last 5 years she will be advising people to vote BNP.

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