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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Hershey and Ferrero start bid for Cadburys

Cadburys had rejected a hostile bid from Kraft foods to try and take them over with a £10billion bid and now it appears that American firm Hershey and Italian Ferrero are going to combine to try and outdo that bid.

Most companies seem keen to get their hands on Cadburys high profit gum business but as Cadburys chocolate is a major brand here I am worried that Hersheys and Ferrero will want to introduce their own chocolate which just isn't the same.

Cadburys claim they are not up for sale but Hedge Fund companies are buying shares up as interest grows in the company.

Let's hope Cadburys think of what is best for Britain's chocaholics, because if one of these companies changes the mixture of chocolate, I am off to Galaxy.

Keep your hands off Cadburys chocolate.

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