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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Royal Mail - A service or an obstacle?

My personal experience's dealing with Royal Mail recently leave me wondering why we bother with them and how they actually function.

Forget the postmen and women and their issues with the whole modernisation programme that Adam Crozier and his cronies have thought up.

I am talking about trying to actually get items of mail delivered through letterboxes.

The main answer I got yesterday was the computer says no in the tone of Carol from Little Britain.

I want to spend £5,000 with you - computer says no. Apparently because 24 hours passed the Royal Mail changes how it views life and it's invoicing.

I will take this further because I need to and should because how on earth can the management of Royal Mail stand on TV every night and say the strikers are making it difficult for us to modernise and move with the times.

Sod off, it is all to do with staff and management attitude and a can do attitude would achieve so much more than your modernisation plans, because it takes your staff to come with you.

However, the management team need to lead the way and then perhaps the staff will follow.

Adam Crozier is quite obviously not cut out for taking his staff with him and I cannot see how he is justified in being paid nearly one million pounds for this year given the strife and trouble the company is in, although it seems this year even if the company you run is in trouble you still retain your bonus - especially if you are running a bank!

I don't see how Royal Mail keeps afloat given how ridiculous some of their operating and accounting systems actually are.

So, Adam Crozier, perhaps it's time for you to go and let a sensible real person try to sort out the mess that is Royal Mail.

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