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Friday, 20 November 2009

Racism alive and well in David Cameron's Conservative Party

Yet more proof that the Conservatives may have tried to change their clothing but underneath they are still the same party of sleaze and racism.

Over at Duncan Borrowman's blog, he has an extraordinary post from emails sent to him.

Conservative Councillor Peter Hobbins complains of the campaigning inexperience of the candidates, and when referring to candidates Dilon Gurmal and Cameron Cutie Zerha Zaidi among others says;

"Not one of them has a 'normal' English name....

"For hells sake. Why are Candidates Department so keen on these foreign names?!!!! ...

"Maybe I should change my name to something foreign - how does Petrado Indiano Hobbinso sound to you?"

Do go and read the full posting from Duncan here, especially if you have been tempted by David Cameron to vote Conservative for the first time or if you happen to be one of those rare things in life, a decent Conservative.

Again shame on the Conservatives.

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