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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

SNP in Glasgow North East by-election gaffe

We have had the trio of Glasgow North East by-election gaffes from Labour, then Karen Whitefield MSP in her email gaffe and now after the SNPs first choice second choice third choice candidate has been selected and got going it is his turn today.

Unfortunately for David Kerr - because I suspect he may not have had a choice in this - because the SNP have a central diktat on everything from personal opinion to what you can and cannot cannot say - someone has reproduced a leaflet from his Falkirk campaign in 2000 when he said the words;

"..born and educated in Cumbernauld." and now in 2009 he is "Dennistoun born David explains."

Now, don't get me wrong, there is always the chance his mother was in labour driving round looking for a hospital back then in the days of Tory government - but seriously this is a gaffe!

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freescotlandnow said...

The fact is David Kerr did live in the local area and was born not far away so is a 'born and bred in Glasgow' candidate. The choice of maternity hospital by his parents is hardly a glaring political issue now is it!

I can't help noticing that you haven't came up with one reason to vote Lib Dem!

Maybe you could explain why your once pro home rule party now believes Scotland is incompetent to run our own affairs, why your federalism seems to have changed to total support for the union and why it is democratic to avoid a vote on its continuation.

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