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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Chelsea versus Man Utd, second half blow by blow account

Second half kicks off with Chelsea, Man Utd push them back and their counter attack fails.

Throw in to Man Utd in the Chelsea half, Rooney taps it and Fletcher blasts it over the top into the fans.

Goal kick for the Blues and Man Utd break, throw in and Giggs wide on his own but taps it out for a goal kick.

The Blues moved slowly into the other half but attack comes to nothing.

Free kick to Chelsea, Anderson kicks the ball away and gets ticking off by Ref, Reds see off the attack and start a counter attack.

O'Shea gets animated as the Ref awards a throw in and Chelsea get in a shot, Van der Saar kicks it down and Cech catches.

53 minutes and Giggs trips Ivanovic for a Chelsea free kick, Drogba to take this one, the wall absorbs it and Drogba taps the rebound out.

Goal kick reached Rooney, and eventually Cech catches it and kicks it up field, Chelsea put pressure on but give away a free kick.

Man Utd just passing it around, and now Chelsea push back but now its the Reds and then the Blues.

First yellow card goes to Ivanovic, but he did actually get the ball. Reds free kick.

Fletcher's shot was blocked by Carvalho and Chelsea mount counter attack but again thwarted.

Blues get a shot on target but Van der Saar scoops it up and the Reds go on the march, but the Blues hit back and are now moving the ball closer to the Reds goal and Lampard gets a shot away.

One hour gone, still nil - nil but a fairly evenly balanced match.

Rooney on the ball, to O'Shea who puts in the box and Giggs heads it out.

Cech takes the goal kick, and now at 62.54 Joe Cole takes part. Evra taking a throw, Ref slow to act on clash of heads.

Man Utd players crowd the ref in a usual Reds bullying style over nothing.

Giggs and Ivanovic are both okay.

Chelsea still applying pressure on the reds goal, good shot but also good save.

Man Utd launch a counter attack and now its all hotting up, nasty tackles and Rooney shoots, just wide but Cech had it covered.

Chelsea slow the play down a little as they move up the field, throw in to Man Utd, Evra getting the Stamford Bridge boo treatment, passes to Rooney who unleashes a shot curling in, Cech on the case.

Reds have a corner, Giggs takes but cleared to the halfway line and then back to Rooney who gets another shot blocked.

The game is going a bit more the Reds way at the moment and now they have a free kick close to the box.

Cech has a wall of four as Giggs, Valencia and Rooney line it up, blocked by the blues and then back in with a limp shot by Giggs.

Drogba gets a boot in the chest by Evans but he will live! Get up Drogba.

Drogba then gets a yellow card. The bench are questioning why as am I.

Now Fletcher is getting his knickers in a twist as a free kick is awarded for tackling Ashley Cole, Lamps takes it and JT taps it in, one nil to Chelsea.

Van der Saar chases the Ref to argue, to no avail.

Giggs gets a shot off but Cech saves.

Now another free kick to the Blues as Rooney gets booked. Game is starting to get messy as the Man Utd players start and get the attitude and start playing and acting dirty - no need, grow up!

80 minutes played, Chelsea piling the pressure on, it breaks the other way, Man Utd players are reacting badly they really should be ashamed of themselves, this is what kids watch and they should set a better example.

Drogba coming off for Kalou.

Reds launch an attack, Evra gets the corner, Giggs to take, and Valencia shoots well wide.

Owen and Obertan on for Giggs and Anderson.

Cech takes the goal kick, headed back and forth, Reds push forward and get a free kick - Fletcher needs to calm down - Rooney takes it and now they have another corner, Rooney takes it, Obertan had a shot and then out for a goal kick.

Chelsea get a free kick, not entirely sure why. Ballack takes it, Rooney and Valencia break and then Valencia gets a yellow card for a lunging attack on Lampard - although slow motion showed not that bad.

After 89 minutes we've had 6 yellow cards, three each.

Blues launch a blistering attack but Van der Saar has it covered.

5 minutes extra awarded.

Reds are winding up an attack, Obertan gets the Reds a corner, and he takes it, nothing comes of it, Rooney pushes it back and Ashley Cole heads it out. Second corner goes out for goal kick.

3 minutes of extra time left.

Evra and Obertan push it forward, JT heads it out for a corner.

Anelka comes off for Alex.

Obertan takes the corner, but goal kick for the Blues. Cech kicks it up field and Lampard wins a free kick for the Blues.

Final whistle. Chelsea go 5 points clear as Man Utd stay in third place.

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Marc said...

Nice report Andrew, but maybe a man of your interests will be interested in - it's an analysis of how much money European citizens are being diddled out of because of slack EU law enforcement...

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