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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Chelsea versus Man Utd - first half, blow by blow account

A good build up to the game and always good to see the Chelsea Pensioners and the men and women from the three branches of HM Armed Forces for Remembrance Sunday.

John O'Shea has to beg for the ball after it gets tapped out for a throw, Chelsea fans have a small dispute with stewards!

End to end action

Good build up by Chelsea and a shot on goal after 4 minutes.

A good run by Rooney at 7 minutes but just offside - close call (but the right one).

Then back up to the Man Utd goal, then Chelsea and then Man Utd.

After 10 minutes, corner to Man Utd, O'Shea takes the corner, headed over for a goal kick.

Good end to end stuff from both teams, although no shots on either goal.

Man Utd push ahead, John Terry defends well, although a wee bit of shirt pulling may have occurred!

15 minutes in and Man Utd have had 58% of the possession.

Man Utd break again, and again Chelsea thwart it and go on the counter attack, but no shot from Drogba.

Man Utd push back up the other end, but a double heading ends up with the ball knocked out by John Terry.

Wasted shot by Man Utd, men on the right were wide open.

Slow build up by the Blues at 21 minutes, knocked out for a throw, back to the other end but JT never leaves Rooneys side.

Then one end to the other and a free kick after a tackle on Anelka.

Lampard steps up, and blasts it over the top. Goal kick, then end to end. Drogba denied a corner cos the Ref and Linesman didn't see it!

Back up the other end with an attack by Man Utd, good block

Free kick for the Blues, the wall blocked Lampards shot, then knocked back in and Anelka gets a shot away, and on target.

End to end again resulting in a goal kick for Man Utd, headed off by JT.

Half an hour gone now and Chelsea mount another attack, good shot on goal by Chelsea's Anelka and a good save by Van der Saar.

Now a throw in, no shot and kicked away by Man Utd who turn it into a mini counter attack, but no shot and easily defended.

Then end to end and a mini attack by Rooney, a back heel and then an over kick. Goal kick to Chelsea. Back down to Man Utd and then Rooney fires a shot but easily defended by the Blues.

37 minutes in and the Blues attack again, Ballack gets a free kick awarded against him as a Man Utd player trips over - honestly Ref, get a grip!

JT gets elbowed by Ashley Cole in a clash, then Ferguson gets his knickers in a twist as the Ref eventually calls a halt.

Restart and Man Utd go on the attack but don't clear it, Fletcher knocks it back in, now the Blues go on the counter attack and stretch Man Utd, but not enough.

41 minutes gone and Man Utd are pushing Chelsea but wasted by Carrick who blasts it over the top.

43 Minutes and Chelsea have had 3 shots on target to Man Utds 1.

Chelsea mount another attack, then a second but Drogba shoots and well wide.

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