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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

T-Mobile sold personal data details to brokers

Staff at one of Britain's main mobile phone companies have been caught selling customers personal data onto brokers, who then sold it onto other mobile phone companies. While I am delighted that the Information Commissioner is taking action on this important matter I really do think he should name the companies concerned.

If I am one of those millions of customers affected I want to know so I can take action to ensure my personal data is secure with that company and also have the choice to change company.

The companies that then went on to buy the data were ringing customers as their contracts neared expiry, taking customers away.

The Information Commissioner, Mr Graham wants a prison sentence in order for those who sell data onto a third party to be properly prosecuted rather than just face a paltry fine, which does not deter those who specialise in stealing and selling the data on.

It is time to get tough, but my message to the Information Commissioner is get the case into court asap so those who have been let down by the original company and those companies who then purchased the data, it is also about giving us the choice to choose.

UPDATE at 19.10
When I first wrote this blog post the company had not been named by any of the main media outlets or the Information Commissioner. However, mobile phone companies 02, Vodafone, Orange, 3 and Virgin were quick to say they were not the subject of the investigation by the Information Commissioner, and it was only then that T-Mobile confirmed it was them.

So, it is indeed the very mobile phone company I had hoped it wasn't, T-Mobile. I am now concerned how secure my data is with them as they hold personal data of mine.

If you are a T-Mobile customer and want to get in touch with them to see how this was allowed to happen here is the link to their contact page.


ilovefizzypop said...

I believe they are not only breaking their Privacy Policy -

"We do not pass information about your telephone contract to companies who contact you to offer to renew it or upgrade it."

But also their terms and conditions -

" Your personal details are given to us in confidence and we will only share them if permitted by law."

How easy it will be to leave them remains to be seen...

Rankersbo said...

As I'm understanding it T-Mobile aren't doing this, members of their staff are! They are effectively leaking this information to 4th Parties. The info is being stolen!

Not only is it breaking the terms and conditions it is breaching company confidentiality by leaking commerically sensitive data.

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