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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Puppy Farming

I'm not one of the vegan fanatical animal rights campaigners, I'm just a normal bloke campaigning for better animal rights.

I'm also a member of various animal charities - Edinburgh Zoo, St. Tiggywinkles, Hillside Animal Sanctuary, National Dogs Trust, Cats Protection League and the RSPB.

So, last night I got home and did all my chores, I'm a fairly well trained husband, and sat and read the latest newsletter from the Hillside Animal Sanctuary.

There's a very well written two page article on a joint undercover investigation with Channel Five on puppy farming.

If you're eating, come back to this later!

The investigation concentrated on three puppy farms in Carmarthenshire which supply Dogs4us.

They were using bitches for breeding that were blind, infested with worms, with extensive growths and kept in the dark to save electricity!

Empty water bowels, no exercise, little bedding and no toys for stimulation - all of this found at the puppy farms.

The purpose behind and objectives of these puppy farms is purely financial, these people don't give a toss about the welfare of the dogs nor the puppies.

What I wonder happens to any puppies born with defects, I daren't even begin to imagine!

If you or anyone you know is looking to buy a puppy, don't buy it from a pet shop ever!

If you go to a breeder check them out.

The safest place is an animal shelter because you will save a dog's life and you can offer it a safe home and all in the knowledge you are not supporting a puppy farm or the people running it!

Thanks to Channel Five and Hillside Animal Sanctuary for highlighting this and for re-homing the 12 dogs rescued.

If you can help Hillside by making a small donation please let me know.


J said...

Hello, thank you for highlighting the horrors of puppy farming. I am part of the team at Puppy Love and we are grateful to anyone who takes the time to help raise the awareness of these terrible places. Like Hillside, we also worked with Jason Farrell in gaining evidence for the first part of the Channel 5 programme that was originally televised in August of this year. We are desperate for the general public to learn about the true meaning of puppy farms and invite you to just take a look at our website. You do not have to join our forum and we neither have nor ever will ask for any kind of donation, we just hope you will spread the word.

Thank you - xx

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