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Friday, 27 November 2009

St Austell says no to Caroline Righton's Conservatives

Congratulations to John Oxenham, sorry, Councillor John Oxenham, Steve Gilbert, Hamish and the hardworking team in St Austell & Newquay who have tonight taken this seat of St Austell Bay from the Conservatives with a 13% swing.

This result is on the back of a by-election victory in Newquay South just two weeks ago when Lib Dem Councillor Sandy Carter was victorious over the Conservatives.

This really is a slap on the back for the team there, especially the Liberal Democrats Westminster PPC, Steve Gilbert and a slap in the face for the Conservative candidate Caroline Righton who many of you may recall has yet to apologise for the smear campaign against Steve Gilbert.

This election result proves that the old style Conservative smear and sleaze politics is yet again rejected, just because David Cameron says they've changed doesn't mean they have and as recent events in Cornwall by Caroline Righton have shown, it proves the Conservatives have not changed their deep down core, just the spin and gloss on top.

Thankfully as John Oxenham has shown tonight, people are starting to see straight through it.

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