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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Scottish Round Up Guest Editor

This week I was the guest editor for the great website Scottish Round Up, this was my second time so not only was I more relaxed I had planned better and had been reading more Scottish blogs during the week.

It was politically a busy week to review but actually that made it much harder to write.

I also wanted to make sure I wasn't reviewing the usual suspects, although after I read through my write up again I have also realised there were a couple of newer Scottish blogs I had missed off, but next time eh?

If you are a Scottish blogger, please do submit nominations for good blog postings, including your own, it doesn't hurt to be pleased and impressed with what you have written yourself.

I hope you enjoy my write up and I look forward to doing my next one.....


subrosa said...

I did enjoy your write up. It's time consuming finding new blogs and I tend to rely upon my readers to drop me an email about them. SRU is an effortless way for me to browse them.

Anonymous said...

Andrew I wrote on Scottish round up that you did a great job and your write up was a great read and I don't mind saying it again.

In fact I read it twice just so I could pull up the chair and have a wee second drink!!! :)

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