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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Church of Scotland in homophobic employment stance?

After posting my T-Mobile blog post link on Twitter this morning I then had a look through the stories that had been running overnight and there was one that caught my eye, "Kirk votes against trainee gay clergy".

Now, everyone that knows me well, knows I have a view on religion, which isn't good, however I do respect those who partake in religion of whatever faith.

However, that aside, I do take racism, sexism and homophobia very seriously and I fully believe that if any organisation said they couldn't employ anyone openly religious we would never hear the end of it from religious groups.

So, how can the Church of Scotland stop anyone who is openly gay working for the Church?

Surely the key factor is a belief in God, not who you sleep with?

It is a great pity that the Church doesn't unite across the UK and take fighting paedophilia as seriously as they do being homophobic.

The story is reported on Pink News and The Christian Institute where it is reported that this two year ban on employing openly gay people was put in place after the appointment of Revd Scott Rennie in Aberdeen.

I think yet again the Church just decides what it wants and when it wants and no one stands up to them, well I think it is time they played by the same rules that the rest of us play by and stand up to discrimination whether it be sexism, racism or homophobia!

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