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Saturday, 28 November 2009

The end of the concordat as teacher numbers plummet?

Finally, oh finally the Scottish media are starting to criticise the SNP minority government just a little more as the gloss comes off, instead of standing scared on the sidelines of the SNP bullies.

Now we see the SNP getting stroppy and threatening to take control of schools in a war of words between the SNP minority government and the councils over plummeting teacher numbers.

For around twelve or so months Scottish councils have been starting to realise that the concordat was a con and that despite the First Minister and his ministerial team treating all the council leaders and their teams as part of the government and making them feel loved it really was nothing more than the SNP just trying to manipulate councils and the whole system.

As David Maddox says in today's Scotsman; "Row caps miserable week for beleaguered, friendless SNP."

David Maddox goes on to call 25 November "Black Wednesday" where in the morning Scottish councils reacted with fury when ministers tried to force them to borrow £10million to get rid of 500 experienced teachers and then in the afternoon the SNP lost their vote on minimum alcohol pricing "...the SNP would have no major achievments in government to boast about."

Finally, the councils across Scotland run by some fantastic councillors, including many Liberal Democrats have had enough of the SNP and their bullying management technique.

As teacher numbers have plummeted by 1,300 in the last twelve months the SNPs election promise for smaller class sizes has gone, they also halted the school building the previous Lib Dem/Labour government started and have only recently given it the go ahead again.

Fiona Hyslop MSP is struggling now, to be fair she has been for a while now but this week she has threatened to centralise education under government control only weeks after defending councils controlling education over school trusts.

Come on Fiona Hyslop, it is time to decide one way or another. However if you get this wrong now it could mark the death knell for the SNP administration!

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