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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Movember month and Prostate Cancer

This has been a hard blog post to write and this one has been in my draft folder a while now, with me adding to it every few days but I am finishing it today.

Cancer in any form is a shit disease and affects almost every family in the UK somehow, I have lost friends and family members, but this year was the worst when my Mum was diagnosed and within 5 weeks had lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. A hard thing to write let alone deal with and for my Sister, I cannot even begin to understand what she is going through, but we will be strong together and get through this, for Mum's sake.

Prostate Cancer has for too long been associated only with older men and as we all know whatever cancer it is, it is a horrible disease striking at the hearts of many families, and yes, you would be right in that assumption to a point as it still does affect older men a great deal but cases in younger men are growing, according to the professionals some of this is down to diet but more on that later.

Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer in men, in fact around 35,000 men in the UK are diagnosed each year, or nine each day, that is scary.

The Prostate Cancer Charity has produced some great and very useful fact sheets but the main one that caught my eye was this one about Western diet.

As many will know November has been renamed Movember month to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer and raise valuable funds.

It is really easy to do, for the blokes grow a moustache and get sponsored to do it, you can find friends who have registered at the Movember site here.

If you aren't going to grow a tache, as I'm not, then like me you have to sponsor a friend to do so, let us raise the money to fight this disease!


subrosa said...

Difficult for me to contribute because I know nobody who would be willing to grow a tache.

I lost my father to this cancer. He was quite young, fit as a fiddle and not even 70. It was a long painful ending for him.

You will survive this and so will your sister. Together you'll come through I promise. Your thoughts of your mother will never leave you either but, although they might be melancholy at times, they will still be comforting.

Sorry, I'm beginning to sound like Marjorie Proops. Forgive me.

Zoltan said...

Hello, kind stranger, (subrosa),
it was heartfelt to read yours and Andrew Reeves' stories after randomly landing on them when researching prostate cancer. I'm growing a stonking big tache this year, so if you're looking for a good way to donate, look no further! We're at day 25 as I write this, so you can imagine how ridiculous I look. If you would like to help (and see how bad I look), my donate site is as follows......

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