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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Conservative MP David Curry resigns in latest expenses scandal

Conservative MP, David Curry has now resigned as the chairman of the Parliamentary Standards and Privileges Committee and now faces a formal inquiry into his £30,000 expenses claims for the second home.

Back in 2004, David Curry was apparently having an affair using his constituency home to meet his mistress, once his wife discovered the affair she banned him from that home despite this he continued to claim for this property.

When the Daily Telegraph approached him with the claim that he continued to claim for this second home from Parliamentary Allowances he immediately referred himself to the Parliamentary Commissioner.

In such a position of authority, supposedly policing the expenses scandal it shows that the Tories cannot be trusted.

Read the full piece in the Daily Telegraph.

Yet again more proof if it was needed that David Cameron's Conservative Party is no different from the old days of Tory sleaze.

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