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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Alan Duncan MP - living on rations

I was somewhat astounded to hear posh Tory MP Alan Duncan saying that MPs "have to live on rations", especially as the £64,000 salary alone means they never will have to.

Although, when he says rations what does he mean, 100g of caviar instead of 300g? Just one pack of smoked salmon for his bagels instead of the two? lol.

Yet again though, another comment from a Conservative MP just showing they are out of touch with the rest of people out there in the real world.

I have some sympathy with how all MPs are being tarred with the same brush on expenses, however I was appalled to learn that MPs could claim money for food, given that they have access to many subsidised restaurants and food outlets within the Palace of Westminster.

However, for Alan Duncan to say that they have to live on rations is the biggest load of crap I have heard ever from an MP, has Alan Duncan ever had to empty his penny jar days from pay day to ensure he could eat in those final few days? No, because before being an MP in 1992 he was an oil trader so wouldn't know what a rations were or are.

What about the people managing on benefits and not through choice, what about those people who get £60.50 per week Job Seekers Allowance for 6 months after being made redundant or losing their job and then they get nothing? - those are the people who have to live on rations and cheap reduced food because they can't afford anything else.

They are the people that don't have a choice, nor the MPs salary of £64,000 meaning they would never have to worry again.

I am not overly surprised at his outburst, let us be honest the Tories aren't exactly the party of the people, and how many of my readers could afford to pay back £4,000 at the drop of a hat because they claimed back too much in expenses?

I thought not, well ration eating Alan Duncan can.

So, my challenge to Alan Duncan MP, go and live on the streets for a month, no mobile, no blackberry, no contact or support from your posh Tory chums and then come back and re-run the interview then lets see what you have to say.

But he won't because he can't bleat then.......

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Kensington and Chelsea said...

Rations would be good idea for them. It could save money.

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