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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Clegg leads the way (again) and Cameron plays catch up

Many of my regular readers may have heard of Martin Lewis of, wheeled out as a consumer champion mainly on GMTV but on other TV shows as well.

Martin Lewis is the man behind challenging unfair bank charges and he had written an open letter to David Cameron in July. Nick Clegg knew about this as he is on the Money Saving Expert's regular email list and was quick off the mark with Vince Cable in sending a reply.

So, before Cameron had replied Nick and Vince sent an open letter of support for the campaign, read it here, as you can see they are going to table a Motion in Parliament and champion this campaign.

Two weeks later, yes two weeks after Nick had already pledged the support including on his own website, David Cameron then replied.

Direct from "Cameron's commitment comes two weeks after Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg who, after spotting the letter as one of the 3.5 million recipients of the site's weekly e-mail, agreed to table a motion calling for automatic payouts, if charges are ruled unfair."

So yet again, Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems lead and David Cameron plays catch up.

For those of you who think you have paid unfair bank charges and feel you may be able to get something back, then visit the website here and read all about it.

I've done my claim, a long while back and it is all awaiting a court decision now but that is why as Nick Clegg said the pressure must be kept up on the banks who are continuously over charging for letters and other services unfairly.

1 comment:

Kasch Wilder said...

are you watching the news at all today?
sky news were talking about it for ages, our guy only briefly got name dropped as the 'liberal leader', and we've been this far ahead on the issue. Ridiculous!

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