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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Nottinghamshire Police dog handler to face prosecution

The RSPCA have finally confirmed that the Nottinghamshire police officer who allowed two police dogs to die is to face prosecution.

The two german shepherds would have basically boiled alive, what a tragic and painful way to die. A real tragedy.

I have blogged about this a few times, firstly was when the story first broke, then the statement from the Nottinghamshire Police and then when the BBC reported the police officer was to face prosecution. The reason I have blogged about this is because of how angry this made me.

A spokesman for the animal welfare charity said: "The RSPCA can confirm that following the deaths of two police dogs in Nottinghamshire on 30 June, legal proceedings will be brought against a Nottinghamshire police officer for causing unnecessary suffering to the two animals."

One thing that still winds me up is that Nottinghamshire Police have said the handler could also be banned from keeping animals, could, COULD, he bloody well should never be allowed an animal to care for ever again full stop!

According to the RSPCA the police officer will soon receive a court summons before attending a Magistrates Court.

Let us hope he pleads guilty to this horrendous crime.

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