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Monday, 17 August 2009

John Lamont MSP goes part time

As predicted on this blog, John Lamont has won the selection to replace Chris Walker as the Tory candidate in Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk.

This selection came about after Chris Walker was apparently stabbed in the back and dropped as their candidate.

So, Annabel Goldie obviously won't be calling on Alex Salmond to stand down as an MP now given John Lamont wants 2 jobs as well.

I understand Annabel Goldie is not happy with John Lamont.

Given a lot of people in the Borders don't have a job at all anymore it is somewhat arrogant that John Lamont who holds one full time job now wants to turn this into a part time job (although with a full time salary) and then add on the part time job of being a part time candidate for Westminster.

Obviously he is bored already with Holyrood!


Anonymous said...

Yes, have been told by people at the "selection meeting" that it was a complete shambles and Central Office had to take control to ensure that their man won the nomination. Part time Lamont versus full time Moore.......difficult one eh?

Anonymous said...

Local Tories are fuming that Lamont will campaign full time and draw his MSP's salary - if only Chris Walker had the luxury of being paid to campaign he'd probably not have resigned !! The politics of it all.
Secondly inside info tells me that two candidates that were at the selection were not even approved by Tory Candidates board. Do you smell a rat?

Saltirethinking said...

Smell it...... I've seen it on the doorstep!

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