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Friday, 14 August 2009

Glasgow North East - the battle

It is interesting that today's coverage of the selection of the Conservatives candidate for Glasgow North East is highlighted as a battle of the BBC journalists, rather than what the people of Glasgow North East need in the shape of their new MP.

It's bad enough they are still without an MP some two months on and the prospect of another three months wait before they can choose their next one.

Eileen Baxendale, the Scottish Liberal Democrats candidate is keen to fight for the people in Glasgow North East, she has wanted to represent Glasgow North East for years but as the Scottish Liberal Democrats have observed the tradition of not standing against the House of Commons Speaker, Eileen has waited until now to do so.

Whereas the SNP have chosen to ignore this tradition.

The four main candidates have between them some interesting backgrounds, let us see where this election goes but really let us also hope that the journalists don't just harp on about it being a battle between two former journalists, because that isn't what this election will be about!

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