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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Chelsea squeeze the first 3 points of the season

Well, being honest that was a lucky escape for Chelsea and a lucky three points, but in football you have to take what you can.

I am not a Drogba fan on the whole, don't get me wrong his football skills are amazing but unfortunately so is his diving and that is the side of him I really do not like. It doesn't just give Chelsea FC a bad name and Drogba himself obviously, but it also gives football a bad name.

There is no need for it so let us hope new Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti stamps it out and educates Drogba into better sportsmanship.

Anyway, back to the game, this was always going to be a great game with Petr Cech keeping a keen eye on Hull City's new signing Stephen Hunt - but no major concerns there this time round thankfully.

The first half was fairly flat and mainly one sided in Chelsea's favour, obviously the Hull City goal threw all of that out of the window, and so did Chelsea's equalizer on 36 minutes.

Chelsea came out fighting again in the second half but it took until the 91st minute for Chelsea to take the three points in full.

For the full and entertaining match report, read here. Chelsea 2 - Hull City 1

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