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Monday, 31 August 2009

The not so environmentally sound Environment Minister

The Scotsman ran a story on Saturday using figures uncovered by Labour about how little Scottish ministers use the train and instead use the ministerial cars.

To be fair the transport minister travelled by train over 100 times during the 2008-09 year, but guess what the next figure of usage down was? 75, 50, 40 no, nowhere near, it was a measly 14 and that was by the enterprise minister, Jim Mather, so they weren't journeys to his constituency then?

But the sheer hypocrisy was from the environment minister, Roseanna Cunningham who managed to never use the train during that period, in fact she was one of eight Scottish government ministers who never used the train for ministerial visits but chose the car every time!

I say she, but if you visit the Scottish Parliament site for Roseanna Cunningham, it says "If you wish to contact him as Minister please visit the Scottish Government website for details:".

From her biography, "Any spare time she has will be spent either reading or walking and sometimes both at the same time."

Nothing about trains, well maybe this year will be the year of the train for the environment minister, let's wait and see. We must all reduce our carbon footprint so let us see the SNP try it out, you never know they might like the train.

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