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Monday, 3 August 2009

Strathclyde Police Force has major funding gap

So, the SNP will probably not achieve their election promise of 1,000 extra police on the beat, but hey whats another broken promise to Alex Salmond and the SNP?

It is not good that one of the major Police Forces in Scotland is proposing to run a deficit of between £12.4million and £34.7million and what is the response from the SNP government?

Ministers said they had given councils record funding of £23bn to deliver services, and funding for 1,000 additional police officers.

Well, at least we should be relieved they didn't mention the historic concordat!

But seriously, for crying out loud the SNP cannot just say they have thrown money at things, they have to take serious and sensible decisions. This is a major issue, Strathclyde Police could end up with a major deficit of £34.7million, this is Scotland's largest force and this needs to be addressed.

We must have a solid concrete assurance that frontline policing will not be affected in Strathclyde, or in any other police force.

Glasgow MSP Robert Brown said: "The SNP need to reassure the public that community safety won't be jeopardised by this black hole in police funds.

"Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill must meet police chiefs urgently to make sure that key promises, for instance boosting police recruitment, will go ahead."


Colin Skene said...

What a surprise. The Lib Dems echoing the scare mongering of Labour councillors playing politics on the police board.

How is it that they have a shortfall since they have funding for extra police officers and councils have record levels of funding?

What are the wasting money on should be the question since their crying wolf doesn't add up?

Nathaniel said...


Improper funding for the police force hampers the functioning of the police department. More funds should be set aside in the annual budget plan for the police recruitment and training facilities.

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