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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Liberal Democrat blog of the year awards

The Liberal Democrat Blog of the Year Awards, run in conjunction with Lib Dem Voice, are back for their fourth year. As usual, they’ll be awarded in a budget lavish ceremony at the party’s autumn conference in Bournemouth.

If anyone feels like nominating my blog, amazing (and thank you), read to the bottom on how to do it, its by email so is easy, but honestly, entirely up to you.

There are six categories at this year’s awards and they are are as follows:

* Best new Liberal Democrat blog (started since 1st September 2008)

* Best blog from a Liberal Democrat holding public office (The Tim Garden Award)

* Best use of blogging / social networking / e-campaigning by a Liberal Democrat

* Best posting on a Liberal Democrat blog (since 1st September 2008)

* Best non-Liberal Democrat politics blog

* Liberal Democrat Blog of the Year

To be eligible for ‘Best blog from a Liberal Democrat holding public office’, a blog should be written by a councillor, elected mayor, assembly member, or parliamentarian.

The ‘Best use of blogging / social networking / e-campaigning award’ recognises the expanding role of both blogging and the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in politics. It’s a deliberately open category: you might want to nominate a good campaigning YouTube video, or a particularly interesting Twitter feed.

The Best non-Liberal Democrat politics blog winner will be chosen by you, the dear readers of mine and other wonderful blogs (should you choose to take part). Once the judges have chosen their shortlist, these blogs will be put up for public vote on Lib Dem Voice.

The judging panel is still being finalised, but I’ll let you know as soon as possible which judges have blogs so that you can avoid nominating them, as they’re not eligible to win. Liberal Democrat Voice and any official party blogs (such as Home Office Watch) aren’t eligible either.

You’ve got until 4th September to nominate your favourites, but the sooner the better (and you can send more than one set if you’d like). Please don’t feel the need to round up hundreds of people to nominate your blog as the number of nominations aren’t taken into account.

Send in your nominations by email to and remember to state which award category you’re nominating for, in each case.

UPDATE: A great must read posting on Liberal Bureacracy on awards ceremonies.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Blogging awards for political blogs are as complex as agreeing what time to adjourn at a council meeting.

Which category do you fit in and I'll get on to it

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