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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Holyrood translates English to Gaelic via India

You really couldn't make this up could you?

So, STV are reporting that the Annual Report produced by the Scottish Parliament was contracted to a UK firm who in turn sub-contracted it out to a firm in India who sub-contracted the translation to someone in the Western Isles!

I am English, but I really feel Gaelic is a really important part of the culture here. Our annual holidays from a really early age were always in the Highlands especially Ullapool, Sheigra and Kinlochbervie and Gaelic was a core part of life in those areas and must never be forgotten.

So, UK-based firm Format Design was contracted to produce Holyrood's publications but it sub-contracted the annual report translation work after the Bangalore-based operation offered to do the work for 6p per word who then sub-contracted it back to the Western Isles.

What a shameful way to deal with this. The Parliament really should not have sent this work overseas, there are many people within Scotland who could have done this work and would have been proud to have done it, the Parliamentary Authorities should be ashamed.

UPDATE: I have amended the last paragraph, in my ranting mode last night I got careless.

1 comment:

Colin Skene said...

"What a shameful way to deal with this. The SNP Government really should not have sent this work overseas"

Yet more Lib Dem sophistry I see.

The SNP Government has nothing to do with contracts set up by the Parliament's authorities.

Might want to correct that mistake.

But then again when has that stopped the Lib Dems from being deliberately misleading.

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