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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Total Politics - September edition

I've resisted the urge up to now to purchase a copy of Total Politics, but today not only did I give in but have been pleasantly surprised.

Not only did I learn that Hugh O'Donnell MSP has a love for Tai Chi, but that he also is a purple belt in karate.

There's a great article by Andrew Hawkins - illuminating a dark art - a piece on polls.

A good piece by Jon Craig whom I've now met at various by-elections, well worth reading.

Then the interview by Iain Dale of Ann Widdecombe, a well written piece but the sad line in it for me was this one - "I came into this place as a Member of Parliament, I leave it as an employee of the House of Commons."

If Ann really feels like that, then that's a massive shame if that's where we've ended up after all that's happened with the expenses scandal.

This is followed by an article on bullying and I'm appalled at this, I recall reading Emma Nicholson's book when she defected to the Liberal Democrats and thinking I hate this and want to help.

Not Emma, per se but that was the moment that I finally joined the Liberal Democrats rather than just helping.

But here we are 12 years on, and the bullying goes on - shame on those bullies.

Then, because I don't want to spoil all the fun a small summary of what else is covered; eateries of politicians, Menzies Campbell and the commemorative banner, election law, a blogger profile and the best of the blogs and much, much more.

I can't not comment on the article about the General Election in Scotland - a four way fight. Katy Gordon our Lib Dem candidate is described as a "face to watch", "Fred Mackintosh has a much better chance of taking Edinburgh South from Labour than the Tories do", "and they ; are not much further behind on the other side of the City at North and Leith" and "Last time the Lib Dems also finished just over 1000 votes behind Anne Begg in Aberdeen South."

Just one point they got wrong in the article, the Liberal Democrats have 12 MPs in Scotland, how could you forget Willie Rennie and the stunning by-election victory in Dunfermline and West Fife.

Overall a good read and worth picking up every month!


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