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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Sequins and lycra back on the screen

As one reality show comes to a finale another is about to start. Big Brother is only 8 or 9 days away from finishing, I have to admit there have been some points in it I have really enjoyed and then others where I did think why on earth am I watching this drivel.

And today Channel 4 has announced that it will not be renewing the rights deal after 2010, so next year is the last one on Channel 4, whether it emerges elsewhere we will have to see.

Now we are eagerly awaiting the start of Strictly come dancing, the couples have all been announced, see them all here, there is a hunk, a clown, the battle of the soap stars, the battle of the sports stars and the unknowns, yes really, there are some people who I have no idea who they are.

This series will be different, because we don't have the wonderful Arlene Phillips on the judging panel, although she will be on the One Show as the expert - I still think this is a major mistake, the four judges were professionals and experts, Alesha Dixon is a pop star and a former contestant, that does not make her an expert, she has very, very large shoes to try to fill.

And then Darcey Bussell will appear as a guest judge towards the end of the series.

So, my favourites to watch will be Lynda Bellingham and Rav Wilding and Ian Waite from the professional dancers. It will be interesting to see how Tuffers does, he is bound to be the class clown this year.

Following the random draw done by last year's champion Camilla Dallerup (who isn't dancing this year), the following eight couples will now dance in week 1: Ali Bastian & Brian Fortuna, Loose woman Lynda Bellingham & Darren Bennett, boxer Joe Calzaghe & Kristina Rihanoff, Eastender Ricky Groves & Erin Boag, Martina Hingis & Matthew Cutler, BBC's Chris Hollins & Ola Jordan, Jade Johnson & Ian Waite and last but not least hunky crime stopper Rav Wilding & Aliona Vilani.

So, all my faves are in on the first show!

Friday 18th September will be Ballroom night, where the first eight of the celebrity contestants and their professional partners will be put through their paces dancing either a waltz or a tango.

Saturday 19th September will be Latin night where things will hot-up even more as the same couples perform a cha-cha or a rumba. At the end of the Saturday show, one of the above eight couples will be eliminated and will leave the show for good.

This is set to be a great series but let us hope the producers haven't cocked up by getting rid of Arlene.

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