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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Sir Patrick Cormack moans about giving to charity

Are the Tories in a mini melt down mood today?

First Alan Duncan goes on about having to live on rations!

Now Sir Patrick Cormack is complaining that having to give to charity out of his mere £64,000 salary, sorry £64,766 is expensive!

These Tories make your heart bleed don't they? Actually no, they sound like a load of privileged toffs who want it all their own way and that it is their given right to be an MP.

Sir Patrick Cormack actually said; "One is expected to give liberally to all manner of charities, one is expected to attend all manner of events, one is expected constantly to putting one's hand into one's pocket."

To all my regular readers, does one's heart bleed for one's problems?

I don't earn anywhere near the salary of an MP, in fact well under half of what they earn but I give regularly to charity - my charities of choice are the Dogs Trust, RSPCA (until I moved to Scotland), SPCA, St. Tiggywinkles, Cats Protection League and in addition I have done various fundraising events for organisations such as Royal Marsden British Heart Foundation and cancer charities.

I neither go on about it nor do I beef about how expensive it is.

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