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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Day trip to Edinburgh Zoo

As this week I am on holiday - despite the amount of work that I am doing and that needs doing, which actually means I am not really on holiday, I'm just not in the office - we are going to have an odd day out.

So, today following a morning on the laptop and telephone doing some work stuff we then headed out to Edinburgh Zoo, we are both Members as we were of London Zoo.
We also saw a first today, well a first for Roger not me, was seeing a peacock butterfly, in fact on the bush we saw over 20 different butterflies of different varieties.
Edinburgh Zoo is rehousing Mercedes the polar bear, the only polar bear in a UK zoo. She is moving to her new home at the Highland Wildlife Park into a brand new enclosure. Edinburgh Zoo is not far off their £75,000 fundraising target, one simple way you can help is by a text, this text will cost £1.50 which goes towards this total, if you are happy to help text the word zoo to 82540. There are some new babies at Edinburgh Zoo, flamingos, baboons, pygmy hippo, squirrel monkeys and penguins amongst others.Here are the sea lions relaxing in the afternoon sun, one just poking his tongue out for the camera.
While we are on tongues being poked out, here is one of the Amur leopards telling me to go away.

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