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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Gay hate crime alive and well in Tel Aviv as 2 people murdered

I was quite shocked this morning to see gay hate crimes on the google alerts and news bulletins. In fact absolutely bloody angry, that in 2009 this crap still goes off that people cannot just accept that there are people who are different to them.

I am gay, I am proud of it and why does anyone have the right to murder or attack people just because of who they sleep with?

As a victim of hate crime myself on two separate occasions, the first when I was 18 and the second which was much worse when I was 20 I am still appalled when I see attacks based on race or sexual orientation, especially now, today in 2009.

This tragic attack has resulted in two young people being murdered and at least 10 injured, the likelihood is they are all teenagers, teenagers, for crying out loud what on earth have they done wrong to deserve this?

My thoughts are with the families of the two who have tragically lost their lives, the injured and the whole LGBT community in Tel Aviv.

Let us hope this arsehole is captured soon before he strikes again.

The centre in Tel Aviv is the HQ of the lesbian and gay rights association but the centre has a discreet entrance so this gunman had done his homework.

Yaniv Weizman, head of Israel's youth Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Association said to the BBC - "We still don't know who is behind this attack but someone that knew this place - because it's not a place you can see outside - knew exactly where is the place, got in, and just shot everyone there.

"It's a horrible, horrible shock for the gay community, and the Tel Aviv municipality. Tel Aviv is supposed to be a very safe city.

"There is a big anger and if we will know that behind this action it's a religious movement, we will punish the people behind it, and the gay community here is very strong, and there will be a reaction from the gay community and the people in the government will be the first one to give us answers."

This is the time of year when we celebrate the LGBT community by having Pride celebrations, it was Brighton Pride yesterday and Leeds today, I hope in Leeds they take some time out to remember the two people who were murdered and all those injured and show our solidarity as a community within communities.


Corey said...

I think while mourning this terrible tragedy, it's important that we take steps to ensure that this hateful, yet anomalous event, is not used as an excuse to incite hatred towards Israel and the Israeli people.

The fact is, this tragedy could just as easily have taken place in the UK, Australia or America. Many people don't realize that Israel is in fact one of the most LGBT-friendly countries in the world. They have civil unions, gay couples can adopt, gay and lesbian Israelis serve openly in the military and are protected in the private sector from employment discrimination.

The Jewish people and indeed, Israelis, know all too well what it is like to be targeted because of who they are. As I think the coverage of this tragedy in the Israeli media demonstrates, their society as a whole will not stand for this kind of bigotry from the fringe.

neil craig said...

Of course if this happened in any other middle east country, or probably an EU country, it wouldn't rate a mention. Indeed if the British government were doing something thousands of times worse like, for example, kidnapping thousands of people off the streets, cutting them openn while still alive & selling the body parts, it would get complete support from the LibDems & complete censorship from our media. Didn't it?

Of course it isn't that the Israelis are Jews - pure coincidence!

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