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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Nick Clegg finalises Liberal Democrat General Election team

Nick Clegg has announced the Liberal Democrat’s General Election team. The role of the General Election team is to provide recommendations to the leader on strategy, resource allocation and communications and to plan and supervise implementation of its General Election strategy.

Nick Clegg said: “I am delighted to announce the team that will lead the planning and delivery of our General Election campaign.
“I have asked John Sharkey, my adviser on Strategic Communications and the former MD of Saatchi’s, to Chair the Campaign, supported by Andrew Stunell MP as Vice Chair.

“John’s extensive experience managing major communications businesses combined with Andrew’s campaigning expertise will be a formidable combination steering the Campaign. Danny Alexander MP, my Chief-of-Staff, will play a key role in the Campaign Team responsible for manifesto development.
“Chief Executive, Chris Fox, will lead on strategy and the air war and head up the executive team. Campaigns & Elections Director, Hilary Stephenson, will lead the ground war.

“In addition I am very pleased to announce that Jonny Oates will be returning to the Liberal Democrats in the autumn and will join the Campaign Team as Director of General Election Communications. Jonny will lead communications strategy, planning and delivery and will report to the Chief Executive.”

“As the General Election approaches, it's clear that Labour's time is up and the Conservatives simply think it's their turn. But this election demands something different. We need a fresh start to fix the unprecedented problems the country now faces.

“I am convinced our General Election team announced today will deliver a successful and winning campaign.”

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