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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

10:10 Campaign - the Lib Dems debate

Simon Hughes MP, Liberal Democrat Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary and Martin Horwood, Liberal Democrat Shadow Environment Minister will be opening and winding up the debate for the Liberal Democrats in the House of Commons tomorrow.

Liberal Democrats understand that the next few weeks and months are of vital importance in our efforts to tackle climate change.

In December world leaders will meet in Copenhagen to seek a global agreement to address the worsening climate crisis. To secure a deal, Britain and the developed world need to accept their historic responsibility for the industrial emissions which are causing runaway climate change and take action.

Liberal Democrats want to commit Parliament to sign up to the 10:10 campaign and want the government and public sector to achieve a 10% reduction in carbon emissions by the end of 2010.

Now is the time for action on climate change, not just more warm words. The UK government and parliament has a chance on Wednesday to take a leadership role and send a powerful signal around the globe of its commitment to address the climate crisis.

The Labour party has had twelve years in government and failed for too long to take the serious action needed to prevent the climate crisis. The Conservatives have claimed to be an environmental party but policies to deal urgently with these issues seemed to have dropped a long way down their agenda. This Wednesday is the chance for the two other main parties to match their actions and their votes to their words.

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