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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Clegg, Cameron and Brown - the Leaders debate

So, David Cameron is trying to dictate how many and what format the Leaders TV debates should be based on. Actually Mr Cameron it isn't your opinion that counts!

It is becoming quite obvious that Cameron is now backtracking on his original challenge, I don't think he really expected Gordon Brown to respond positively, Nick Clegg was always going to respond because he is not scared of either Brown or Cameron.

There is the idea of also having a Chancellor of the Exchequer debate between Darling, Cable and Osbourne and a further one between the Foreign Secretaries.

I want to see the three Leaders have three debates, one in January, one in March and then one during the actual campaign, so one on Sky, BBC and ITV each.

Brown apparently wants six, Clegg three and Cameron wishes he had never said anything.

It is not up to the Liberal Democrats, Labour, Conservatives or the actual Leaders, it is and should be the decision of the TV companies, they are paying for it when all said and done.

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