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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Rail replacement bus service

You know when you see a title like that, that its not going to be a good story.

I arrived at Edinburgh Waverley this morning in time for the 08.05am service wanting to go to Berwick upon Tweed, due to arrive at 09.20am according to the timetable.

I checked the screen and it said the dreaded word - bus replacement!

Because I needed to arrange for someone to meet me at Berwick, I asked a member of staff what time would the bus arrive in Berwick?

Fortunately I asked a lady from Virgin, who then said not my train you need to ask the National Express staff, I said it was actually a Cross Country train so she took me around the corner to find the person from Cross Country.

Found him, we asked him the same question, the answer - no idea, we should ask the controller!

So we found the controller, and asked him, he said, I've no idea and the replacement bus hasn't arrived either!

I said to the four of them, the train was due in Berwick at 09.20am, the Cross Country chap said that's rubbish, it wouldn't take that long, so I repeated myself and showed him the timetable - he then said that must be wrong!

So, a big fail by the railway staff this morning, so I'm not off to Eyemouth but will go and deliver my own bit of Newhaven instead.

Good luck to everyone trying to get to Alnmouth and Berwick upon Tweed today, you are seriously going to need it.

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