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Monday, 26 October 2009

Getting down and getting dirty

Staying on the playing dirty theme (see previous blog post) I have been really pleased to see one of our major supermarkets doing a voucher scheme that gets children outdoors and learning.

Don't get me wrong Tesco's computers for schools voucher scheme is good but it only achieves one thing, more computers.

Morrisons Let's Grow achieves so much more, it gets children learning where food comes from and makes growing food fun, it provides understanding of our entire eco-system and is actually exciting. Apparently they ran this last year, unfortunately I didn't notice the advertising then, but certainly have this time.

They provide kits for nurseries, teachers resource kits, equipment including wormeries, soil testing kits and biodegradable pots. There are then kits the children can take home including window pots for those kids who live in flats or within city centres where there are less gardens.

Last year according to Morrisons 15,500 schools took part growing a staggering 14million carrots and 4 million tomatoes so this year Morrisons have opened it up from just schools to nurseries, child-minders and home educators.

There are some easy things to grow, I recall at school growing mustard and cress but I was blessed going to a school that had bees, horses, chickens, ducks and sheep as well as a school garden. I appreciate not every child has access to that kind of school so this is fantastic, Morrisons are only giving out vouchers when you spend a £10 and it finishes this Saturday so make sure you get your vouchers and hand them into a participating school, each branch will know of the local schools.

Morrisons - ten out of ten for this one. Helping schools, helping children and helping the environment.

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