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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Houses of Parliament security breached - erm, again!

Yet again the security has been breached at the Palace of Westminster, this time by over 40 protesters from Greenpeace - BBC says more than 40 and Greenpeace say 55.

I have no issue with where they are from or which organisation (as I agree with the core part of the Greenpeace message) but in this day of age Greenpeace are showing terrorist organisations how easy it is to attack our national UK Parliament.

Given it was a weekend there are less staff on duty but all this will mean now is another review of security, another raft of new measures being brought in and more money wasted on security.

How many times does this need to actually happen though before the senior people in charge of the security are fired and new people brought in, because it is obvious time after time they are not able to do the job properly.

In 2004 activists from Greenpeace scaled Big Ben, pro-hunt protesters stormed the House of Commons Chamber and Fathers 4 Justice threw purple powder at Tony Blair and then last year activists from Plane Stupid occupied the roof and now today over 40 people have again got in and occupied the roof.

It isn't just the security of the Government of the day that is at risk but also all of the staff who work there whether it be for MPs, Peers, cleaners, caterers or administration staff - who is standing up for their security?

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