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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Glasgow North East BNP racist vow

The Glasgow North East by-election is well under way now and the Liberal Democrats nomination papers went in on Friday, the Labour Party apparently had only just collected theirs the day before!

However, that is not the story, what fueled my anger this morning is seeing the Scotland on Sunday front page headline - "BNP man's racist vow".

Forget Question Time, Glasgow North East is where the argument with the BNP is at.

The BNP by-election candidate, David Baillie has said that he will "go to his grave" wanting his party to remain for whites only and racist!

He also said "brown, black and yellow" should not be allowed to join the BNP.

The BNP by-election candidate will campaign on an anti-immigration platform focusing on asylum seekers. He was then asked if he would turn away someone from Zimbabwe who faced death on return - his reply, "yes, they have neighbouring countries they can go to".

So, a racist and no understanding of the international situation and obviously as he lives in a democracy has no understanding of the awful violence etc that goes on in countries such as Zimbabwe.

So, the truth is out, the BNP really only want whites in their party and the spin that people such as Nick Griffin the leader put on it is hogwash.

Let us hope the people of Glasgow North East reject this racist party on 12th November.


Byrnetofferings said...

Let the local paper know and that...

Chris Hurst said...

Seriously, the reason there is so much violence in Zimbabwe is because Liberals like you decided it would be a good idea to back a load of maniacs over your fellow British people like Ian Smith, who were doing a perfectly good job running that country.

So, as a pinko subversive Liberal yourself, don't lecture the BNP candidate on Zimbabwe, because it was people like you with your egalitarian values who have condemned everyone in that country to a miserable life at the hands of a mad dictator, just because your good book told you that everyone was equally advanced.

Trevor Lehey said...

Im sure the BNP candidate does have good concept of the international situation, as MR Hurst rightly says, it was the liberal agenda which helped create the zimbabwe problem. However my point to you is that you have no understanding of international asylum convention which states that an asylum seeker may seek asylum in the nearest safe country. In the case of zimbabwe this would most likely be botswana or south africa. You see all asylum seeks to the uk have come through numerous safe countries to get here which says actually, these people are here for economic reasons, if it where just issues of opression they would have stopped to claim asylum thousands of miles back.

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