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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Labour candidate in Glasgow North East's contract - part two

On Thursday this week I blogged about Willie Bain's contract with the voters of Glasgow North East, you can read it here, he launched his contract but did not sign it, I assume because he didn't agree with it?

Well, now he has signed it but it is amended so he obviously wasn't happy with the first one, here is the new amended signed contract, which we will probably see at the Labour launch tomorrow.
Now, the missing text is quite important, it is here below and if you visit the original blog post you will clearly see it there.
It appears that Labour's Willie Bain no longer wants to earn the trust of the people in Glasgow North East and that he also believes that our MPs don't need to earn your trust. The second point is that, yes, Willie Bain will take you for granted, some may say Labour already are. If he felt these two points were important they would have stayed in the amended contract that he went on to sign.

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