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Monday, 12 October 2009

Identity Theft - will we ever learn?

This morning while having major panic stations about Zennor (our cat) I hadn't noticed Roger had turned BBC Breakfast over to the dreaded GMTV.

Gordon Brown was doing his interview and then they went to a piece on identity theft.

They had a reporter and an outside broadcast unit going through peoples rubbish on a street.

Some people had heeded the constant advice and shredded documents but they were very much in the minority.

Some had torn statements up in to 4 or 6 pieces, hardly challenging to piece those back together for a thief.

There was one carrier bag with bank statements, mobile phone bills and other bills where their identity was there waiting to be stolen and used fraudulently.

A cross cut shredder can be bought for £20 from Argos, and most supermarkets and shops.

It can be really traumatic to have your bank account plundered, but imagine having your identity stolen or copied?

That would be a nightmare! So, will people please listen and heed these warnings, go out tomorrow and buy a shredder and protect yourself properly.

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