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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

BNP or Jan Moir - is there a difference?

I have been wondering what I felt about the BNP being on BBC Question Time versus Jan Moir's column in the Daily Mail, both wind me up no end but in slightly different ways.

I do think that the BNP's elected Parliamentarians should get a slot on occasion on shows such as Question Time, but the percentage of times they appear should be in proportion to where they come in the political spectrum.

I believe in free speech and given that often the BNP end up with their abhorrent views coming out in the open it is worth it - but seriously in our democracy we have to accept that people have elected the BNP candidates so they have to have the opportunity to then participate in public debate.

However, the broadcaster or the print media has to accept if the BNP person spouts out racist, homophobic or sexist stuff the plus has to be pulled!

So, you may ask why was I so angry with Jan Moir's column in the Daily Mail?

Again, I stand by my free speech stance, but as I said at the time, she was out of order and she knew full well that she was whipping up hysteria with homophobic language, otherwise why did the Daily Mail have to remove the online advertising from the online column?

I was also upset about the timing of the column, Jan Moir had no respect for the family, partner and friends of Stephen Gately by publishing not only the content but the innuendo and she could well have left it until after the funeral.

I don't agree with those people who are calling for her to be fired, but I do think she get a proper disciplinary at the Daily Mail, I also hope the Press Complaints Commission deal with this properly and don't just brush it under the carpet!

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