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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Right wing homophobic newspaper strikes again

I am a Liberal Democrat, through and through not a Tory, never have been and never will be.

I have never met with Iain Dale but I do have some respect for him as a blogger, footie fan and a political campaigner.

I am gay though (and bloody proud of it), and when I see sheer open homophobic comments like this by Ephraim Hardcastle in the Daily Mail I get angry.

"Overtly gay Tory blogger Iain Dale has reached the final stage of parliamentary selection for Bracknell, telling PinkNews: 'I hope any PinkNews readers who live in Bracknell will come to the open primary on October 17 to select their new candidate.

You don't even have to be a Conservative to attend.'

Isn't it charming how homosexuals rally like-minded chaps to their cause?"

Firstly, Iain Dale has pushed and advertised all three of the Tory primaries - Totnes, Bedford and now Bracknell. So Ephraim you are out of touch and bloody awful at research because a quick search on Iain's blog would have shown you that very answer.

Any candidate, of any party if like Iain are high profile and are asked to do an interview they are going to promote their candidacy. I also thought the line "overtly gay" really has nothing to do with him standing as the candidate for Bracknell.

When a job is advertised the candidates are then interviewed on their suitability for the job, not on what they do outside of work. So what the hell has Iain being gay got to do with the Bracknell primary which is seeking to select the Conservative candidate to fight the general election to become the MP?

I am gay but Ephraim sorry to disappoint but I won't be attending the Bracknell primary and guess what every gay person I know has their own mind and just because we read a line in a gay or other publication by a gay person doesn't mean we will act as lemmings and follow.


Rankersbo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rankersbo said...

"Overtly" gay? WTF?

Does this apply to anyone but the most severely closeted?

I had no idea he was gay- he doesn't seem to bang on about it.

I'm not shocked or surprised, but having a mild reaction of "there's something I didn't know."

The Daily Mail can FRO here.

Unknown said...

I wasn't taken by the tone of the Daily Fail's apology to Iain Dale. I think they're vaguely aware some people are pissed off but they don't really think they've done wrong.

It would be nice to think they'd change their ways in the light of this and had learned a lesson, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Uncle Roger said...

I perhaps have no standing to comment being both American (don't hate me!) and overtly straight (sorry, but women are hawt!) but I will say this: I look forward to the day when one's sexual orientation or gender identity is as interesting or relevant to politics as is one's hair color or one's favorite brand of tea (yorkshire gold).

I have hopes that that won't be too far off; we just have to wait for some of these old farts to die off and for more kids (like mine) to reach voting age. (I have three kids that really don't care who you love; they just know that love is good.)

But yes, it pisses me off too. I've had a coworker tell me "You're more upset about this than I am and I'm the one who's gay" after Prop 8 passed here in California.

Anyway, yes, these old fogeys are around to shoot their mouths off, but it's clear to me that that is changing quickly.

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