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Friday, 9 October 2009

Conservatives slip into third position in latest gay poll

So, despite all of the rhetoric and other nonsense from the Tory party the gay community are finally realising that under the lights, suits and slogans the awful Tory record on gay rights stands.

The Pink News poll closed today at 2pm, only twenty four hours after David Cameron started speaking and the Tories were in third place with 22% behind the Liberal Democrats who had 25%, while Labour led with 36%.

Pink News ran a voting intention poll back in June this year, the Tories were on 39% and Labour 29%, so although Labour have dropped increased by 7% the Tories plummeted by a massive 17% in just four months and more importantly during their own conference and with it being the first time they have held a conference pride the support just sapped away.

I am sure Ben Summerskill's veto of the gay Tory event this week because David Cameron invited (homophobic) Polish MEP Michal Kaminski to the Tory conference, where Ben Summerskill described Kaminski's views as "extreme and offensive".

The Pink News poll also asked readers if the Conservative Party was still homophobic, a massive 67% said the Conservatives are still homophobic.

I still believe the Tories are the old homophobic relics now that they were when they introduced Section 28 - you can read some of my recent blog postings - Conservatives, the Waffen SS and homophobia, then the Conservative MEP for the East Midlands who claimed homophobia doesn't exist, then the vote on Lithuanian Section 28 where the Conservative hypocritical British MEPs abstained and the time when the Tory Leader of the Conservative group on Bristol City Council, criticised a local LGBT group for receiving a Big Lottery Fund grant saying it was misguided.

I am afraid the Tories are not gay friendly, this is all just a show to get the pink vote next year, finally the gay community are seeing through this farce that Cameron is putting up and realising the truth.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Labour have GAINED by 7 points, not dropped!

We were on 29 in June, now on 36. :)

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