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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Scottish Round Up and blogging

When I think back to 15th May 2007 when I asked Will Howells to set this blog up, I never thought that I would ever get the high number of people that now regularly read my blog, some even daily or that I would ever get to do anything like guest editor for Scottish Roundup as I have done this week.

I used to joke on the blog about both my readers but as I go round the UK to different events whether it be family, meetings or work I always get people coming up to me saying I read your blog, I really enjoy the mix of stories.

In 2007 I blogged just 32 times, 2008 saw a five fold increase in postings to 153, and now in 2009 I have already blogged 246 times, 247 if you count this one.

The topics I have blogged about are as varied as you like as well, mostly politics, whether my passion and support for the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish Liberal Democrats or the gay politics, or my general musings of and on the world.

I hope you do continue to enjoy reading the blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

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