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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

John Lamont MSP ignores Cameron's orders

During the Conservative Party conference David Cameron and Eric Pickles banned the drinking of champagne as they didn't want to make out they were nothing more than rich toffs supping champers and nibbling smoked salmon darling.

Well, courtesy of the London Evening Standard, as you can see in this picture, (scroll down) it's the one under David Cameron and it appears that John Lamont MSP has chosen to ignore his leaders request, in fact all of those in the picture ignoring their boss, guzzling the champers are Scots - they are (from left to right) Andrea Stephenson, Operations Co-ordinator of the Scottish Conservative Party; Cllr Jason Rust, Conservative candidate for Edinburgh South West; John Lamont, Member of the Scottish Parliament; and Cllr Mark McInnes, Director of the Scottish Conservative Party.

John Lamont MSP seems to like winding his bosses up. Annabel Goldie has continually attacked Salmond for having a dual mandate, and now John Lamont MSP wants to follow in Alex Salmond's footsteps and try for two jobs.

Unfortunately for him, Michale Moore MP holds one of those jobs and he is very unlikely to want to give that up, as he is a great constituency MP and is always fighting for a better deal for the Borders unlike champers guzzling John Lamont.

Why people are losing jobs across Scotland as the picture shows the Conservatives are happy to guzzle champagne, I think the Scottish Conservatives slipped up on this one - bad timing.


Anonymous said...

Says it all.

saltirethinking said...

Bubbles Lamont and his caring Tory chums.

Anonymous said...

What has the conservative party come too????? Pin stipe suits, pink shirts champagne & ........ Please come back down to earth & do what you protesteth about so much. Leave the games for your corporate boys.

Anonymous said...

I hope Andrea has a spare hand & isn't as cross eyed when she's co-ordinating the operations of our Scottish Conservative party or God help us! Perhaps its a case of gimee gimee gimee as much free bubbly as I can throw down my neck (not that I'm greedy) - we'll tackle binge drinking tomorrow! Mr Lamont should we follow your lead?

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