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Friday, 9 October 2009

Should we scrap Prime Minister's Questions?

There was a great debating article in the conference edition of Total Politics, Should Prime Minister's Questions be scrapped? In my opinion, no.

Firstly I think it should go back to being twice a week, but not two fifteen minute slots but replaced with a twenty minute session which is dedicated to the Leaders of the Opposition parties and a forty five minute session dedicated to back bench MPs of all parties, decided by the current ballot system.

Then if the Leaders insist on a punch and judy style session, well that is up to them although Nick Clegg has certainly ruled that kind of politics out. It would leave a main good length session for MPs of all parties, using the current ballot system, to then seriously and sensibly question the Prime Minister of the day on issues they wish to raise.

I would certainly be in favour of losing the ridiculous "staged questions" that many Labour MPs participate in where they ask a question that Gordon Brown just then lists various Labour achievements - hardly a good use of a question.

So, Mr Bercow if you are up for transforming Parliament then please consider this new innovative thought on the traditional Prime Minister's Questions and bring it up to date.

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