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Friday, 2 October 2009

Buy a KitKat and pay Mugabe

According to today's Metro, Nestle, who my friend and colleague Caron blogs about occasionally (about boycotting them regarding baby milk), has admitted it bought milk from Gushungo Dairy Estate, owned by Grace Mugabe, the wife of Robert Mugabe the evil dictator who controls Zimbabwe.

Apparently Grace Mugabe obtained Gushungo Dairy Estate during the 2002 controversial land seizure programme.

So when you feel the urge for a KitKat, just think about it first. The 55p you hand over to the shopkeeper, goes in the till but how much actually then goes to Grace Mugabe who is no doubt funding Robert Mugabe's election campaign.

If you want to boycott Nestle then you probably need to know which brands to boycott, it isn't as easy as not buying KitKats, smarties or the odd jar of coffee so visit their site for more information.

Although Nestle claim they stopped purchasing the milk from that farm as from last Sunday, how much produce is already in the food chain.

That's a political donation you really don't want on your conscience.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Thanks. Brilliant post. Can I also give you another link to the Baby Milk Action site which also gives you a list of products.

Boycotting Nestle is one of the things I do tend to stick rigidly too, despite the fact that I love KitKats. Even Anna won't buy anything with a Nestle logo with her own pocket money completely off her own bat.

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