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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Tories 'will have only one new MP in Scotland next year'

Screams the headline across pages 4 and 5 in today's Scotsman. It did bring a wry smile to my face given the arrogance of John Lamont wanting to be a part time MP because now it looks like his Westminster career hopes could be in tatters.

The Scotsman goes on to predict Edinburgh South will fall to Fred Mackintosh from the Liberal Democrats and says "Their high hopes for ....... Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk ....would be dashed."

Given the news then that there will only be two Conservative MPs in Scotland and assuming Cameron wins the General Election (I know, I know lots of ifs and buts) he won't have a mandate to govern in Scotland in reality and it shows that the 4th party in Westminster Scottish politics will remain just that and the Liberal Democrats will still remain the second party, with the second largest number of MPs across Scotland and according to the Scotsman will increase their numbers.

I do disagree with their claim we will only increase our numbers by one, but to be fair, I would wouldn't I - it's my job to prove them wrong hence why I spent my morning delivering focus leaflets, and tomorrow I will be doing the very same again.

The other good news in today's Scotsman is that the support for the SNP is down by 5% from a year ago, now all we need is for the Scottish journalists to actually have the bottle to attack the SNP in the same manner they attack the other three parties - I don't know what hold they have over them but it isn't helpful as it is stifling proper debate.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, Lamont is too sure of himself. The big question is if he looses then it will be difficult to eat humble pie and try again for Holyrood - the man has to decide what he wants. He elbowed the last candidate out of the way to fight for Westminster if he looses I hope the Borders folk see him for what he is... a career politician. Come on Mike Moore.. fight man.

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