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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Glasgow North East - the thirteen applicants

Nominations closed yesterday for the Glasgow North East by-election with a mammoth 13 candidates, who in alphabetical order are;
  • Charlie Baillie, British National Party
  • Willie Bain, Labour
  • Eileen Baxendale, Liberal Democrats
  • Mev Brown, independent
  • Colin Campbell, The Individuals Labour and Tory (TILT)
  • Ruth Davidson, Conservative
  • David Doherty, Green Party
  • Mikey Hughes
  • David Kerr, SNP
  • Louise McDaid, Socialist Labour Party
  • Kevin McVey, Scottish Socialist Party - Make Greed History
  • Tommy Sheridan, Solidarity
  • John Smeaton, Jury Team
The seat became vacant over 120 days ago when former House of Commons Speaker Michael Martin MP resigned over the MPs expenses and his handling, or not of the scandal. He now sits in the House of Lords.

Here is a brief summary of the 13 candidates.

As the fury over Nick Griffin on Question Time subsides, he turned up in Scotland yesterday but failed to turn up to support his by-election candidate after being pelted with eggs following a radio interview. The BNPs by-election candidate, David Baillie was in the news this weekend for saying that the BNP should remain for whites only.

Willie Bain is the Labour Party candidate, who works in London but still travels back to his Springburn home each week to fight his first ever election.

Councillor Eileen Baxendale is the Liberal Democrats candidate and is a former social worker with over twenty years experience working all over Glasgow including some key projects within Glasgow North East itself. Tavish Scott, on his second visit to the seat and Eileen yesterday were at the Royal Mail's main sorting office in Springburn criticising both Labour and the SNP for their handling of Royal Mail.

Mev Brown is an independent candidate who stood under the Jury Team banner at the European elections and has previously stood as a Tory and various independent banners.

Colin Campbell is the candidate for the TILT Party - The Individual Labour & Tory Party.

Former BBC journalist Ruth Davidson is the Conservative Party candidate and has been critical of the Labour party handling of the TA, as a former TA member herself.

David Doherty is standing for the Green Party, he has previously campaigned for them in the European elections.

Mikey Hughes is standing as an independent, he was the runner up of Big Brother 9 and is a radio presenter for Insight Radio.

David Kerr, another former BBC journalist is the SNP candidate, although not their first choice, nor their second either, he is the third choice candidate and Alex Salmond is already playing down their chances.

Louise McDaid is the Socialist Labour candidate.

Kevin McVey is standing for the Scottish Socialist Party and has pledged to forsake the MPs salary.

Veteran politician Tommy Sheridan is standing for Solidarity and was co-convener of the Scottish Socialist Party before leaving to form Solidarity.

The Jury Party, founded by a former Tory has selected John Smeaton who it has already been rumoured was going to stand down but obviously not. John found fame as a baggage handler at Glasgow Airport when he tackled one of the airport bombers.

Polling day is November 12th for the by-election.

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